Optional: is joy, cancer and madness optional?

Cancer is a symptom

Cancer is a symptom, a sign of the dysfunctional lifestyles of today. Cancer is a sign that we are not living life that we were made for. Evolution has shaped human body, mind and spirit for a different way of living. Cancer is caused by lifestyle habits and not genetic factors. Madness is probable the same. Thus is joy, cancer and madness related to lifestyle factors?

Making Miracles

I have seen healings that are like miracles where the cancer had spread to bones, liver and lungs and the persons are now alive and well 7-10- 25 years later. I have practiced Internal Medicine for forty years and I have never seen anything so remarkable as this. I have seen enough remarkable healing to know they are real and they are not rare. How can this be?

(I) Cancer and lifestyle factors

Most cancers are caused by lifestyle factors. Most cancers are increasing in frequency and in all ages. Thus we are killing outsells and in an epidemic manor and we are also teaching our children the same.

Digitized research

The statements that are made are taken from controlled scientific research studies and the facts can be verified within minutes because most of the works are available readily on the Internet. Again why is this so?

Control cancer

Research has been around for years that indicate cancer is caused by various factors. Now there are studies that strongly indicate we are able to control most cancers and do so better than surgery etc.

Heart disease and lifestyle

Coronary artery disease like cancer is caused by lifestyle habits and also heart disease like cancer can be controlled without surgery by altering lifestyle habits. Are there other conditions that can be treated by altering lifestyle habits? There are a number of conditions that follow the same patterns of distribution around the world similar to cancer and coronary heart disease that could probably be controlled by altering habits. It is also known that Diabetes Mellitus is controlled by altering habits.

(II) Madness

Madness is not caused by brain disease. Madness (Depression, Manic Depression and Schizophrenia) is not caused by brain disease but is caused by thinking poorly. Madness has also been increasing in young and old like most cancer and now occurs at epidemic proportions and these rates of madness and cancer increases involve young and old. Is it possible to control madness in similar manner as is being done with cancer and heart disease?

(III) Joy-closeness

Joy. The word joy is going to be used to cover the joy of serving, sharing, closeness and caring that occur when people are able to work in harmony as a cohesive group. Joy is working together, cooperating in creating and sharing close relationships. This term joy is going to include closeness, touch, love and trust and to include enthusiasm and ebullience. Just how important is joy and closeness in health.

Changing medical history

A Paridigm Shift is occurring because there is a major change in scientific understanding of the cause(s) of illness. We now have proof of how emotions affect health and we call it the mind-body connections. An example of which would be the relation of stress and infections. This is often confused with New Age writings.

Stress and infection

Prolonged stress is reduces immunity and reduced immunity allows infectious agents to enter the system. Also reduced immunity allows cancer cells to grow. Scientific studies are now able to prove this fact so that treatments need to be instituted because pills are not able to overcome fear and depression; major heath issues are related to emotional situations or problems or the mind body relationship.

Change in medical history

Joy-closeness. The ability of some persons to develop and enjoy close relationships is a major factor in health. ‘Scientific studies are changing 150 years of medical history.’ The quality and quantity of your life will parallel the quality and quantity of your friendships. There are 50 pages of research studies that show the quality and quantity of your life will correlate with the quality and quantity of your working friendships. Researchers have eight large straight forward studies that quantity of life is correlated with such relationships. One just measures the duration of lifespan and show that those with social bonding live two to three times longer. The studies that prove quality of life is increased become more creative.

Better babies

Pregnant women that receive mental and physical support during pregnancy, labor and beyond have better babies than women who receive less support. This was confirmed by studies such as those done on unmarried pregnant teenage Navaho girls. The thesis was confirmed by comparing the Apgar scores. Persons that are more emotionally unsettled required more anesthesia causing babies to be more drowsy and slower to breathe than those receiving less anesthesia. Nurses score newborns by skin color (oxygenation), alertness, muscle tone and reflexes.

Pain and infections

Controlled studies are discussed that show people with terminal cancer live longer and control pain better when in a proper support setting. Also people tolerate the ravages of stress related infections better when in a healthy surroundings. Life for humans has changed in the last 12,000 years. Support of mothers during pregnancy affects the babies for a lifetime.

Stress hardy babies

Mothers that have been supported during pregnancy, labor and early childhood have babies that are more stress hardy rather than the over reactor babies and children of mother receiving less support. The genes are set at the time of deliver and fixed for a lifetime. Seventy percent of our genes are set at the time of delivery. This condition of fixing genes at birth has also been studies in other animals.

Predict death

Who is most likely to get sick suffer and die? Scientists at Johns Hopkins and Harvard in studies that lasted 35-45 years showed that disease could be predicted. Young healthy student who felt they were not as close to their mothers and fathers developed disease and death sooner than those who perceived their relationship to parents to be closer. Now we can look at lifestyle habits and ask what has happened to have altered joy-closeness, cancer and coronary artery disease. Also I believe we can ask the same questions about madness.

Evolution of deadly lifestyles

Humans have been present for 1/4 of a million years. Also humans had ancestors even before that time by millions of years. And now we know that the Hunter-Gathers have been transformed into modern man in the last 12,000 years. Our current lifestyle habits have evolved from Hunter-Gatherers to the present day in 12,000 years. And now we know some of these lifestyle habits are deadly. There are a number of studies that correlate lifestyle habits with cancer and these studies are discussed but there are recent studies the show the importance of joy, closeness and enthusiasm. It is important to remind oneself how our thinking as well as our state of well being needs to be addressed.


Why is joy so hard to find? Why is cancer and madness increasing in epidemic numbers? Also there is much written that we know other condition fit this continuum of cancer to madness such as drug addiction, crime and social disruption? See Bowling Alone. What makes the difference and what makes the world go around? At this point I want to show only one characteristic point that makes the difference, closeness or love.

Lessen cancers impact

Controlled studies from four Universities showed that well manage supportive care, definitive relaxing exercises and group therapy was more effective in controlling cancer than the combination of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Controlled studies from STANFORD, USC, UCLA and UCSF showed that supportive treatment to be better than the stand care of today.


Controlled studies show cancer can be conquered and or controlled. Studies from UCSF included an exercise program plus specific dietary changes that made dramatic improvement in the results. The showed cancer can be conquered or controlled.


The purpose of this book is to give hope to those that have lost hope and are feeling helpless. The purpose of this book is to lessen pain and suffering.

The purpose of this book is suggest that our lifestyle habits are making life miserable and is causing cancer to increase. That the lifestyle habits of The Hunter-Gatherers are inappropriate for modern man. The lack of joy, dysfunctional thinking and madness may be due to the same inappropriate lifestyle habits of today.

OBJECTIVES: (1) Establish the facts that lifestyle habits cause or correlate with the most common cancer. Discuss the recent evidence that dictates with irrefutable evidence that the most common cancers are related to lifestyle habits and also to suggest that the less common cancer probably have similar relationships.

(2) Establish the lifestyle habits that correlate with disease: Improper diet and lack of adequate exercise correlate with the incidence of cancer but the stress factors or psychosocial factors are now more clearly demonstrated by new scientific research.

(3) Joy-closeness. Are we on the edge of great change? Are we ready to see the world in a new way? Are we ready to study joy-closeness and love?




If one is able to control the contents of one mind one is able to control the cause of cancer or control the greatest aggravating factor in the management of cancer therapy.

For if you can control the contents of the conscious mind you begin to control the unconscious mind and then you control the mind/body and all the organs therein and you can control destiny.

Studies meditation in laboratory

Doctor Herbert Benson after he completed his training at Harvard Medical School as a Cardiology Specialist spent two years in the rather famous Harvard Physiology Laboratory studying the effects of meditation on the contents of the mind and how the contents of the mind controlled the body physiology or the blood pressure, breathing brain function, digestion, kidneys and adrenal glands.

Biofeedback Assisted Relaxing Exercises

Relaxing exercises have also been studied also at the Mayo Clinic, as well as at the Menninger Foundation. Relaxing exercises are time consuming but effective. We are living in a fast pace world. Also many persons are adapting well to the modern world. The relaxing exercises have slightly different names and techniques and these are discussed later on.


I believe that if you are able to control stress by using the relaxing exercises you are able to control the stress that is causing the illness or eliminating the stress that is the most aggravating factor in the illness.

Learning a new concept

“We hear and apprehend only what we already half know.” This statement is from Henry David Thoreau and I read about it from David Brooks in his book The Social Animal. How does one understand a new concept? To fully understand a strange concept one until one has worked with the concept for week and months and used the concept in different ways. Wayne Dyer writes a book, You’ll See It When You Believe It describes many different ways the topic is true and then I uses the phrase in a different ways also.

I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.